SoundOut Core

SoundOut Core is a 9mm thick, polyester, non-woven, rigid acoustic absorption board, available in colours, versatile in its use, adaptable acoustically, to bring a wide range of acoustic performance, with complementing aesthetic appeal.

This fibre acoustic panel range from Sound And About fulfils its role of noise absorption effectively while fitting effortlessly into the aesthetics of your room or building. It lets you cleverly disguise acoustic panelling as artwork. Also, now you can effectively handle the problems of echo and reverberation – beautifully!

The polyester fibre panels are available in a natural texture and a range of delectable modern colours to help you create an elegant and comfortable indoor environment.

Why SoundOut from Sound And About would work for you

· The polyester fibre panel body is completely homogenous, which ensures high sound absorption

· The range is available in a natural fibre texture and in many colours

· SoundOut is eco-friendly – always a good thing to have on your side

· The range offers good impact resistance

· SoundOut is convenient and easy to maintain

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